Use a Non-Disclosure Agreement to find serious buyers

Use a Non-Disclosure Agreement to chase away the time wasters

Just because you selling your business privately, it does not mean you should not use the tools professionals use. Biz2Sell, with a wealth of experience in handling business sales, has used the non-disclosure agreement to weed out the time wasters.

Advertising on the Biz2sell platform gives certain levels of advertiser’s access to the full suite of documentation to professionally vet buyers, and ultimately conclude the selling of your business privately. We recommend that for every enquiry you receive, respond immediately with a professional email with your Non-Disclosure Agreement attached.

This very effectively gets rid of the parties’ intent on wasting your time. If an enquirer does not return a Non-disclosure agreement, do not fear that you have chased away a potential lead – you have just saved yourself a lot of time.

Professional buyers are fully aware of the fact that non-disclosure agreements are standard when enquiring about the highly confidential information that a business seller is required to disclose to effectively capture the interest of a buyer. We will go as far as saying, if you don’t insist on non-disclosure agreements, a professional buyer will view you as an amateur, and will either walk away, or spot the opportunity to exploit your perceived weaknesses.

There are 3 PRIMARY reasons to seriously consider adverting on Biz2Sell

1. We are 100% local – based in Randburg, listing your business on Biz2Sell gives you access to a qualified experienced business broker, without giving away 10% of your business.
2. Advertising on Biz2Sell gives you access to our qualified buyers data base. Buyers have registered with our site, and are carefully segmented into our databases. Your business will be emailed to hundreds of buyers whom have directly expressed an interest in the type of business you are selling
3. Our experienced professionals are on hand to assist you with all the necessary documentation required to successfully engage with and conclude the sale of your business including:

a. Personalised Non-Disclosure Agreements
b. Letters of Intent
c. Sales Agreements, drafted by qualified attorney.