Social Media Marketing

When marketing your Business for Sale, Biz2sell will expose your business on our Social Media Platforms. Our experience in selling business’s has revealed that we generate a number of leads from our social media following. The Biz2sell social media following has been built up slowly and carefully over a number of years.

We go to great lengths to ensure quality over quantity. In the ‘business’ of selling businesses, the biggest time waster is non-qualified leads. That is the primary reason why a typical business seller would employ a business broker. When listing your business for sale, you carefully calculate the advantages of employing a broker, and the cost of broker commission. You decide to try it alone, and typically list your business for sale on Gumtree or one of the other free ‘business for sale’ advertising platforms.

Before long you are hounded with a series of ‘interested’ buyers, whom just waste your time, because they have not been vetted. Within a few days, your advert no longer appears on the first page of Gumtree, but that does not worry you, because you busy showing your business to the time-wasters. Two weeks later, the calls have dried up, and the ‘interested’ buyers have done nothing but waste 2 weeks of your time. That’s when you call the business broker and decide to part with 10% of your hard earned business.

There is a better way – use Biz2sell to market your business.
1. We have an extensive data base of qualified leads
2. We selectively use our carefully crafted social media platform
3. Our website does not focus on attracting the ‘business for sale’ searcher – No not all, we focus on finding the searcher looking for YOUR type of business. We don’t want time wasters, we want to attract searchers looking for specifics.

Publishing your business for sale on the Biz2Sell website, will expose your business to our social media following on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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