Selecting the right platform to advertise your business for sale.

There are a number of platforms to choose from. Some of the platforms have extremely busy websites, and mostly focus their attention on attracting massive amounts of visitors for people searching for ‘business for sale’. These platforms all achieve their goals, BUT Biz2sell has experience in using these platforms, and thus the reason for creating our own platform for business owners wishing to sell their businesses privately.

We tackle the task a little differently. Our philosophy is built around quality over quantity. We would rather find you 2 qualified buyers’ versus 40 interested buyers. The secret lies in how we produce your advert. We do not use a generic form (well we do to capture the basic information) to create the advert. Once we have the basic information about your business for sale, we go to great lengths to research exactly what it is that searchers are looking for on Google, Bing etc. Once we understand the correct keywords to use, your advert is then crafted to attract the searchers that are looking for what you are selling. This way, we are assured of introducing a few qualified buyers to you, as opposed to flooding your inbox with 20 leads a day.

This methodology has proven far more effective than using generic terms.

Combine this approach, of selectively targeting traffic on search engines, mailing your business for sale to a select group of interested buyers, and exposing the business on our carefully built social media platform, and we are confident of achieving our mission –

“We introduce Sellers of Business’s to serious buyers!”


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