Advertising your Business for Sale on a Free Classified Site


We support your decision to sell your Business Privately

Your business is one of your most valuable assets, so making the decision to sell it privately is a bold one that could save you thousands of Rands. Typically a business broker will want a 10% commission. Many business owners balk at the idea of parting with 10% of an asset that they have spent years building.

Communicating to potential buyers that your business is for sale.

Attracting the right buyer for your business is the first place to start, and many small business owners start the process by advertising their business on one of the free platforms.

Is this REALLY the right place to sell your asset?

We don’t think so, and we will tell you why, if you don’t already know why.

1. Whilst the platform is free, you are competing with up to 5000 adverts, and very quickly discover your advert is displayed on Page xxx after a few days.
2. Are you attracting the right profile of person? The free platforms are full of scam artists. You are likely to receive numerous calls from people making stupid requests. You might even have a few visiting your business, only to regret ever entertaining such lunatics

The free platforms are the scam artist’s hunting ground. Simply putting your contact details into the pool invites all and sundry to have a go at you. Furthermore, every second day there are alerts going out advising of scams, both on the seller’s side and the buyer’s side.

Do you believe that any serious buyers scan the free classifieds for genuine businesses for sale?

Prior to starting the Biz2Sell website, the owners were professional business brokers, and have sold hundreds of businesses over the years, ranging from as little as R 75 000 up to R 25 million. Not ONE single sale materialised from a FREE CLASSIFIED advertising platform.

Having accumulated thousands of contacts over the years, Biz2Sell is making that pool of QUALIFIED buyers available to you via the Biz2Sell Platform.

Set a professional tone from the outset.

Your business is not JUNK, why advertise it where people sell all sorts of junk. There are numerous professional platforms on which to advertise your business, and we highly recommend that you PAY for an advert. Set the right impression from the outset – buyers know what the free platforms are, and if you are too cheap to advertise on a professional platform, what impression does that create with a potential buyer?

There are 3 PRIMARY reasons to seriously consider advertising on Biz2Sell

1. We are 100% local – based in Randburg, listing your business on Biz2Sell gives you access to a qualified experienced business broker, without giving away 10% of your business.
2. Advertising on Biz2Sell gives you access to our qualified buyers data base. Buyers have registered with our site, and are carefully segmented into our databases. Your business will be emailed to hundreds of buyers whom have directly expressed an interest in the type of business you are selling
3. Our experienced brokers are on hand to assist you with all the necessary documentation required to successfully engage with and conclude the sale of your business including:

a. Personalised Non-Disclosure Agreements
b. Letters of Intent
c. Sales Agreements, drafted by qualified attorney