Access to a Business Broker without paying Broker Commission

Selling your business privately is a lonely business.
• Have you valued it correctly?
• Why are so many interested buyers not taking the final step?
• Is the offer realistic or should I hold out for my asking price?

These are all questions that you will be faced with at some point in the process of selling your business privately.

The Biz2Sell platinum package gives you peace of mind that you have access to an experienced ex business broker, with a solid legal background, without having to part with 10% of your hard earned asset. You may not be thinking about these obstacles on the day you list your business, and if you do not have some support available, you will more than likely either undersell your business, decline offers you should have accepted or ultimately decide to part with 10% of your business by hiring a broker.

All of this is unnecessary with Biz2Sell. As an advertiser, you have peace of mind that all of these obstacles can be dealt with by having a professional available to consult with you, all at a reasonable pre-agreed fee. Together with all the legal documentation being provided, the selling your business privately using the Biz2sell platinum package could turn out to be your very best decision.

There are 3 PRIMARY reasons to seriously consider adverting on Biz2Sell

1. We are 100% local – based in Randburg, listing your business on Biz2Sell gives you access to a qualified experienced business broker, without giving away 10% of your business.
2. Advertising on Biz2Sell gives you access to our qualified buyers data base. Buyers have registered with our site, and are carefully segmented into our databases. Your business will be emailed to hundreds of buyers whom have directly expressed an interest in the type of business you are selling
3. Our experienced professionals are on hand to assist you with all the necessary documentation required to successfully engage with and conclude the sale of your business including:

a. Personalised Non-Disclosure Agreements
b. Letters of Intent
c. Sales Agreements, drafted by qualified attorney